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Our Manufacturing package simplifies the manufacturing process by automating workflows, providing greater visibility across inventory and production, and streamlining production scheduling. It allows manufacturers to optimize their production processes, manage resources effectively, reduce costs, enhance efficiency, and improve overall productivity.

The manufacturing module in an ERP system typically includes features such as:

  • Bill of materials (BOM) management.

  • Work order creation and tracking.

    • Specify several work order stages and connect them to worksheet pages, such as "scan a product," "take a picture," "quality control," and so on.

    • Use alerts to show changes or quality checks to the operator.

  • Record Production

    • Scan items, lots, or serial numbers to register productions.

  • Kits (Assembly)

    • Your salesperson will be able to offer things that will be delivered as a collection of components to assemble using the Kit function.

  • Workcenter Control Panel

    • Manage the workcenter for each point in your production lines.

    • Worksheets Show worksheets with operator instructions right on the work center.

  • Capacity planning 

    • Plan your productions to ensure that available resources are being utilized optimally. 

  • Traceability

    • Get a comprehensive upstream traceability report on the components used in the production process.

  • Cost-benefit analysis

    • Monitor the cost of each production order depending on the cost of the components and your operating expenses (labor or material).

  • Inventory Integration.

    • Store your finished goods and raw materials in your warehouses.

  • Purchase Integration.

    • Auto purchase your needed raw materials.

  • Maintenance Integration.

    • Maintain your manufacturing’s equipments.

  • Reporting 

    • Production rates, costs, and inventory levels, enabling manufacturers to make informed decisions that ensure optimal performance of their production processes.

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